Bloodmoon 2019 – the day after

What is a Bloodmoon

When the moon is in Earth’s core shadow, the Earth takes direct light radiation from the Sun away from the moon. As a result, the moon changes color.

Why red?

Sunlight is distracted (broken) by Earth’s atmosphere and short-wave blue light is scattered in such a way that they do not reach the moon. However, long-wave red light parts reach the moon, making it shine red. A blood moon always goes hand in hand with the full moon.

Where the Eclipse was seen etc –  with good animations:

The moon the day before


Full moon as usual

The Lady in red


The heat camera shows large temperature differences:


Temperture differences on the moon

I tried a new view – playing with the Lady in red


Listen to the music – stop the time! – enjoy the moment with Lady In Red

Some more fotos taken on Jan. 21th from 5.40am to 6.15am

It was very cold minus 7 Celsius so that my fingers were frozen and I had to stop my photo session too soon.

5 Kommentare zu “Bloodmoon 2019 – the day after

    • Moinsen,
      hab auch nicht damit gerechnet, dass es so klappt mit dem rot. Auf jeden Fall braucht man dazu viel Lichtstärke im Objektiv.
      Einfach machen und es klappt oder nicht. In beiden Fällen lernt man dazu!!
      Guten Mittwoch noch

      Gefällt mir

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