SOLAR POWER – fotos international

I`ve got the link to OUR fotoalbum SOLAR_POWER.

What is the idea behind OUR fotoalbum?

I want to inspire you to find fotos which show how SOLAR-POWER can be used in special products f.e. like my Solecap, which I`ve never seen anywhere else. You might also have special ideas – so to say making inventions – to use SOLAR-Power.

Another foto of my Solar-Brain-Cooler with the panel


My next project in using SOLAR-POWER is to supply my terrace with electricity. I have my refrigerator for cold drinks on the  terrace.


This has great advantages, because I have all drinks near me and it takes not long to get cold drinks or ice in hot summerdays.


On the fridge you can see a little text. This is an info how to make a Caipirinha, we had on our last garden party. I show you how to make it:


And my terrace must also be supplied with light and a floodlight for playing Badminton at night or any other games.

No problem, all to do with SOLAR-POWER for about 170€…. 

Are you planing anything for hot summerdays? Let me know and send Infos or fotos to my emailadress:

The link to our fotoalbum:


It`s weekend now, I have to go, sun is shining already… Have fun, but take care!