Bloodmoon 2019 – the day after

What is a Bloodmoon

When the moon is in Earth’s core shadow, the Earth takes direct light radiation from the Sun away from the moon. As a result, the moon changes color.

Why red?

Sunlight is distracted (broken) by Earth’s atmosphere and short-wave blue light is scattered in such a way that they do not reach the moon. However, long-wave red light parts reach the moon, making it shine red. A blood moon always goes hand in hand with the full moon.

Where the Eclipse was seen etc –  with good animations:

The moon the day before


Full moon as usual

The Lady in red


The heat camera shows large temperature differences:


Temperture differences on the moon

I tried a new view – playing with the Lady in red


Listen to the music – stop the time! – enjoy the moment with Lady In Red

Some more fotos taken on Jan. 21th from 5.40am to 6.15am

It was very cold minus 7 Celsius so that my fingers were frozen and I had to stop my photo session too soon.