MATHEMATICS – in terms of medicine

In the `hygiene ´our lifestyle seems to be not in order.

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors from all past got everything `shiny clean´? With simple tools in hand work without all the cleaning products available today.

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors lived healthier, although there was not this glut of antibiotics like nowadays?

They have used probably natural resource.


Due to the many synthetic antibiotics, which we take to us, our body has developed resistances. Resistance to many new antibiotics that are prescribed by `Doctors´ in good faith. We are now immune to most of the antibiotics on the market. As a result, new resources were developed against all sorts of diseases.

The mathematical research has actually adopted this problem and they want to find out the following:

I leave my article to the HelmholtzZentrum München and quote:


The Helmholtz Zentrum München leads promising scientific approaches in development, preclinical and clinical projects in clinical application. The project portfolio focuses on new preventive and therapeutic approaches with increased efficacy and safety for the individual patient. Clearly structured and stored with milestones project plans guarantee a dynamic project portfolio and ensure a success-oriented, efficient use of resources.

  • Value creation
  • Expertise and technologies
  • Development projects
  • Translational & Klin. Projects

The Helmholtz Zentrum München promotes specific promising projects that are in the early stages of the value chain. These include projects in the field of drug discovery with innovative target structures and test systems, to safe and effective drugs for chronic, to identify complex diseases and to develop. The portfolio of the Helmholtz of Center Munich includes development projects currently in the areas of diabetes, neurodegeneration, infectious diseases and cancer such as.

  • Development of new enhanced ingredients
  • New strategies for the activation of key signaling pathways in the regulation of fat – and energy metabolism for the treatment of obesity and diabetes
  • Differentiation of embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells
  • Identify new agents to combat neurodegenerative diseases
  • Identification of new HIV inhibitors through innovative test systems
  • Development of selective inhibitors of gene regulation in cancer
  • Inhibition of target structures in the B-cell activation for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas
  • Development of bi-specific aptamers to combat B-cell lymphomas
  • New approaches to the inhibition by EBV induced B cell immortalizing“

Thank you very much!

Pete J. Probe