Jon Hiseman – Drum Art with tea

Jimi Hendrix is nearly eating his guitar with the early live gig of `Hey Joe´.

Jon Hiseman is nearly eating his drumsticks in Oldenburg.

I´ve never seen a drum solo like that

There are so many phantastic drummers, esp. in the Jazz scene. But Jon Hiseman, drummer of Colosseum (Jazzrock&Blues) with the great Blues singer Chris Farlow is my favorite. I met the band Colosseum in Oldenburg (Germany) after their concert taking authograms from the whole band. But where was Jon Hiseman..? After a short moment he appeared with some CD`s and a pot in his hands. „Hello Mr. Hiseman, can you give me an authogram?“, I shouted at him. „Yes, wait a moment I `must´ have my tea first“, was the answer. I was waiting for about 5 minutes. Jon Hiseman was drinking his tea, and the rest oft he band were talking to the rest of fans. At least I had all my authograms completed. From John Hiseman, Chris Farlow,  Barbara Thomson, Dave Greenslade and Mark Clarke.

Drum Solo with Colosseum live in Oldenburg 3.6.2007:

Drum Solo in Oldenburg

Drum Solo with Colosseum in Wiesen/Austria 8.7.2011:

Drum Solo in Wiesen

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Colosseum Band


In Addition:

Hiseman Gitar

Have you gota room for me? Music is my Passion and I need a drink.



TiTo Puente unplugged – live on stage

TiTo Puente `unplugged´ solo live on stage with his band:

tito puente timbales

TiTo Puente solo

Lets Dance with TiTo Puente

With Tito Puente we come back to celebrate Easter. From the past with the wonderful Kurt Cobain back into living from today.

Come on and Dance Samba with:

TiTo Puente Orchestra live on stage

What do you think Jessi? Going to dance? Sorry, perhaps the next day.. 😉

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American Routes



Kurt Cobain with Nirvana – Unplugged

For all music lovers I have created a new category on my Blog called `Unplugged´.

It is (so to say) a reminder of all great musicians who have gave concerts unplugged. As you know unplugged is without big amplifiers on stage, just presented in the natural sound of instruments, only powered by microphones.

Where did you sleep last night

The Classic live unplugged concert ist that by Kurt Cobain with Nirvana and his song `Where did you sleep last night´. So, let`s watch the following video of this concert. Kurt seems to be quite nervous, before he starts, first must have another cigarette. The audience put him under pressure. Al least Kurt decided:  I do it. I intentionally don`t mention, that Kurt has died long time ago. Because with this song he is still alive and will never die. And we are with him.


Foto: Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

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