Sex in short (in English)

Actually I wanted to continue my articles about `the feelings´, about the science of emotions and then on the psychology of feelings. This all sounds quite confusing and also does not need to be understood by anyone, unless he / she has read my posts carefully.

And who did it, also would have to understand why I have come from the feelings on sex, it has something to do with the meaning of the German word Lust ( look at:

Sex in short (in brief) is a article, which is something like a `foresight´, what you can expect on the theme `Sex´ in my blog at all. For this purpose, I will send the following assumptions:

The need for sex is hormonally controlled. In the man it comes down to testosterone (a so-called  Androgen) and in women to progestins such as estrogen. It raises the question of how these two hormonal opponents impact on dealing with our sexuality in a partnership. I want to try, what insights I have gained in this regard so far. See my conclusions shortly `summarized´ in geneal:

There are relationships especially older communities and marriage relationships in which sexuality plays no decisive role. These couples have found themselves. This means purely biological that the hormones of the man and woman are together `compatible‘. There are in this respect no problems with regard to the sexual demands of the respective partners. These people have learned to `stay faithfully, loyally (German: treu)´ and are in their partnership best off, with or without sex. So to speak an `ideal marriage community´.

Conclusion 1:

Ideally nobody is reliant on sexual intercourse, no matter – in parterships or on their own.

In other partnership (relationships) it goes contrary, quite differently. Mostly the testosterone levels of man is compared to the estrogen of women greatly increased, which considerably increases his need for sex to obtain these elevated level. If the woman the need for more sex of the partner cannot fullfill, conflicts will arise between the two. A very common result of these conflicts is that the man is then cheats on his wife with another woman. In opposite cases it is also, just as described in the man, for cheating the woman.

Unless in a nutshell, by my no explicit version, that should learn us to better understand, why partnerships come into conflict. It is important to realize that we necessarily know what is actually happens in the body, to talk openly about it, because it is none of these feelings of guilt or failure to charge. Otherwise, it would possibly arise to psychological problems result.

Conclusion 2:

Is `sexual dealing´ not due to life experiences as well as to dealings in partnerships, it can lead to mental and physical problems.

With this I want to finish my `SEX IN SHORT´. In following consequences of my sex category, we will deal with the problems then closer and expand the neurobiological findings.

Thank you!

Pete J. Probe

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