Who is Obama? – Barack Obama!

Donald Trump is on the way to become the next President of the United States.

And Barack Obama is leaving as President. That`s fact!!

These two men are so different in person as fire and earth. Donald is a populist and he puts no value on the truth. And Barack Obama? What is he like?

How can we say goodbye to Barack Obama? 

I follow the words of F. J. Wagner from Bild, because – in my opinion – he has found the right words for Barack Obama. I try to translate in English as I translated texts of Obama in German before:

Dear Barack Obama,

It says you have a free wish, if a meteor is falling from the sky. I wish: You would stay. „For more years“ called the people at your last big speech in Chicago. Another four years. „I m not allowed to“ you said and laughed. There is no new photo I know which showes Donald Trump laughing. 

I will miss your laugh!

obama-lacht-weisse-haus (4)

And of course your multicultural life.

You’re the child of hippie-parents. Your father was from Kenia, your mother a white student of anthropology. Later your mother became a professor und married an Indonesien.

As a small child, you suddenly were in Indonesia. You had to communicate with finger language.

You are the President of all cultures.

Also you are a good looking person. Slim. Intelligent. Harvard graduate. You can swing the hips.

You are a joy for all people who believe in the good.

Sincerely F. J. Wagner

Thank you F.J. Wagner, I agree with you!

The Obama family

Barack stands for his family and is a good father for his daughters. He said:

`In everything I‚ve done in my life, I am most proud to be your father.´

Health and happiness to your family Barack Obama!