The day after -my moondate (private)

Good morning Ladies (gentlemen included),

This ist he first private article I try in English for my readers in foreign countries. For you and you….. and the rest of you, esp. the lady in the pajamas…;-)

Have a look in my statistic of three days f.e.:



Where ever you are now….

I`m sitting here as usual having my tea with a cigi, because I want it. Time is nearly 6am, Baxxter waiting for his breakfast because he wants it . Must go soon and feed him. After his breakfast he wants another one as usual.

Hope you`re doing anything. But the question is `HOW´. How are you doing what? What are you doing how? How are  you doing well? Sorry my English isn`t perfect but I m sure you know what I mean. So what…..are you feeling good or bad? If bad it can only get better, if god it can only get worse.

I write my Blog now. But what is a Blog? It is a diary in which I write what I did, my experiences and thoughts. And it`s PRIVATE. So please don`t tell anybody and keep it for you.

Must have a look at Baxxter


Hard to believe… he went to sleep again in MY BED!!

Just fed Baxxter in the garden.

My god, the moon is shining so brightly just above my house. Difficult to take another foto in this position. What is the realationship between earth and moon? I think in former times they were engagad and in the wedding night it has not worked out in bed because the moon could`nt sleep. The earth has stunk from  flue gases and peple on earth were tooo loud. After that their marriage ended and the moon went his own way. But grandmother sun still cares for the two spending light and warmness. And there is still a gravitation between earth and moon and she tries to spend us some light in the night. I think she is ok.

After this little excursion I want to have another cup of tea. My tea is  getting cold when writing this. And let me have also another cigi. Baxxter wants his next breakfast. I try to explain that he just had it.

Ok, the time is quater to 7am now and I try to find out how late it is in your country. Mr. Einstein said that time is relativ so it might be different in your countries. Look what I found in the internet and tell me, which the real time is?


When I get up in the morning my friends in USA say Good night. But it`s getting worse, if I m out there freezing I get a foto from Australia with a young lady swimming with her dog in the pool to cool down. Who will understand… would you Australien people send me a sunny warm day, please. Ever heard about emailing or skipe… It`s up to you!

So far, back to Mr. Einstein. I post some nice words he said and try to transalte into English. OK?


He says: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.


Einstein: The main reason for stress is the daily contact with idiots


I didn`t have any personal contact to Albert. So I can`t be an idiot. Did you ever meet Einstein? I think we need him back for all the idiots worldwide!!

Who was Albert Einstein in life

Albert Einstein in person

Yesterday Barack Obama had a private meal with Angela Merkel at Adlon Hotel in Berlin for a smalltalk about word-politics. I like Barack Obama, because he is a good man. So I come to the end with a foto with Barack taken 2010 for a better world.



In Addition

Sometimes we think too much. Listen, what the Kinks tell you:

Too much on my mind

2 Kommentare zu “The day after -my moondate (private)

    • With his theory of relativity, he has changed the understanding of time… and his sayings are still relevant today.
      This means that time runs slower if you move faster. This has been proven in astronauts with atomic clocks.
      And when you’re faster than the speed of light, you’re in the past …
      But I still prefer to go slowly… 🙂 …

      Gefällt 1 Person

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