Vintage Race Days Rastede – Foto Impressions

Vintage Race Rastede 2017

In 2017, the vintage race days in Rastede were able to record the set of 10.000 visitors. Over 60 historic racing cars have participated. Families with dogs, children and cones were able to experience the vehicles – loudly – close up. Excellent catering has complemented the event.

Die Vintage Race Days in Rastede konnten 2017 einen Besucherrekord verbuchen. Über 60 historische Rennwagen haben teilgenommen. Familien mit Hund, Kind und Kegel konnten die Fahrzeuge – lautstark – hautnah erleben. Ein hervorragendes Catering rundete die Veranstaltung ab.

Foto Impressions

Small video sequences (preview)

I could upload more videos in this article.

Mehr videos konnte ich in diesen Artikle nicht mehr hochladen.

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American La France Simplex – Oldtimer in Rastede

The Company American La France is a subsidiary of Daimler Company. They produced fire-brigade-vehicles in the USA. Some were converted to race-cars. One of these I met at Vitage-RACE-DAYS in Rastede (Germany).

Titelfoto: Wilfried Fricke (Organizer of Vintage-RACE-Days in Rastede)

This owner of this `so called´ CAR ( from Switzerland) have joined the Vintage-Days in Rastede for the first time. This was a real `Special Event´ for everybody. With this I m going to post my first video onto my Blog. Here we go then:

This CAR is about 100 miles/ph fast with `Chain drive´:

Go slowly, it`s easy

Last but not least:

Part of my finger may be included and I didn`t cut (edit) my video. The complete Version will be worked out later.

But look t that:

Special Oldi

This CAR is about 100 miles/ph fast with `Chain drive´


In Addition


The Winners-Cup


Thank YOU TWO!!