Empathy with mindfulness pt.1 – addition

Review – with short summary and Paul McCartney

I have tried to explain mindfulness of the behavior of a cat when observing a mouse hole for 2 hours:

„Has the cat been in the waiting position or was it stressed? No, quite the opposite! It has consistently maintained its position and has not moved. One could also say that she was resting with mindfulness and waiting for her prey´ was the conclusion.“

My daily 5-minutes suggest (for the begining)

„Can one learn mindfulness, perhaps from the cat, or practice in it? It would be worth a try. Find a comfortable place. Put yourself in the position of the cat and find yourself a mouse hole (metaphorically speaking), such as a beautiful picture on the wall or a beautiful fantasy, such as your favorite dish, sex on the beach etc. Watch your breathing and persisting in this posture for at least 5 minutes, calm and relaxed, without any movement.“

5-minutes `slow down´ with Let it be

In this context, I would like to honor a man. It is Paul McCartney who has written music history with the Beatles. There are many songs of him and I would like to introduce `Let it be´, which we should listen to for relaxation and coming down. Music is a language that does not need words connecting all the people of this world an Universal Matrix. After all it is the best way to therapy yourself.

Listen Let it be

I don`nt know which version is free in you country:

Use your music for your therapy

Music is a matter of taste from Classical to Rock, Pop, Soul&Blues. Not to forget Vangelis!!


Find your favorite music and use it for the mindfulness exercise.