Sex is life (English version)

SEX IS LIFE in conjunction with Cindy Gallop at TEDxOxford (link at the end of my article)
October 11, 2015 by Pete J. PROBE
The subject of sex is in this country fall completely out of sight. Why is that? Why `sends it openly talking about sex does not an‘?

Finally, `Pure Sex Natur‘ and health is only beneficial. The theme heard in the Kategorie` Lifesyle‘ just like healthy eating and much more, which especially affects our psyche. Now you have to say that dealing with sexuality in other countries has a different significance. But this is now `deutsch‘ and so it should stay. I have already written 2 articles on the topic, and it seems to me as if these items were not even read. Embarrassing ..? ..!

I want to put a link of concerns rather womankind in spite of everything. They can `Das’s better. It’s about the secret desires, entitled `My tiny secrets‘ to which I have come across during my research. I was uncertain whether I should install here, but I finally decided, because we want to deal openly with the topic sex.

I come back today to `Sex‘ because this country is now getting a bit of movement, which really impressed me. It is in the broadest sense to `Sex in Alter‘. Given my knowledge found after already many indications that deal with how important it is not to neglect his sexuality in old age. I want to emphasize once more explicitly, although there are people who can totally renounce sex in old age, and that’s a good thing that here. To each his own, as the saying goes.

About the sexual behavior of our youngsters are no reports to me in recent years, on the other hand encountered and certainly not for our middle-aged … ?. The reason is that it is possible with sex apparently no longer do business. The so-called. `Revolution of Aufklärung‘ in the 60s is completed, the` Pornowelle‘ takes place in secret, Beate Uhse and the right honorable Oswald Kolle already died. But what has passed, that’s just gone, finished.

Conclusion 1:

Nobody may feel obligated by my articles on more sex or even coerced. That would equally be a rape. Sex belongs in the intimate area of ​​each individual and it`s no concern of anybody else.

Conclusion 2:

Sex actually has no market value 

But I would really `dazu‘ desire to occupy myself with the publications by Kolle again and to review critically on the sexual behavior of young people today us time. But that remains for the time being probably `Zukunftsmusik‘. However, I would like to go one step further and devote myself to the people who have suffered a hard fate today. More I want not anticipate, but refer to the following article. Unfortunately, this is link, as I found him, provided with `ätzender‘ advertising. Why it is like that…?…. I do not know .. That they should but please do not stop them, link to follow suit and to read through the report carefully once.

So my (again) too short article has ended. In addition, a scientific assessment of this sexual practice is still pending.

My last article:

Many thanks!

Pete J. Probe

P.S. Has dealing with sexuality in your country a different significance?

What do you think??

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