Radio Welttag – nicht zu vergessen mit Hörprobe

`Building peace in the minds of men and women´ 

Motto auf der Homepage des World Radio Day der UNESCO ( World Radio Day ).

Der Welttag des Radios (englisch World Radio Day; kurz: Weltradiotag) wird am 13. Februar begangen. Er fand 2012 zum ersten Mal statt. Die Generalkonferenz der UNESCO hat den Weltradiotag in Erinnerung an die Gründung des United Nations Radio am 13. Februar 1946 aufgerufen. Der Beschluss fiel auf der Generalkonferenz vom 3. November 2011 auf Anregung Spaniens(Wikipedia).

Das Radiohören

Das Radio ist älter als das Fernsehen, verbindet Menschen mit Gesichten und liefert uns aktuelles Geschehen und die wunderbarsten Bilder im Kopf. Den größten Anteil hat aber wohl die Musik, mit der uns das Radio in allen Lebenslagen unterhält. Ich persönlich bin sehr mit dem Radiohören verbunden, mit der politischen Berichterstattung, der Wissenschaft, der Hörspiele, Musik jeder Art u.v.m. verbunden und könnte viel dazu erzählen.


Deshalb möchte ich meinen Bericht diesbezüglich hier beenden und euch anlässlich des gestrigen Weltradiotag zum Hören eines alten Klassikers einladen.

Zum ersten:

Zum zweiten

Fortsetzung folgt irgendwann mal

(habe noch vieles Aktuelleres in meinem chaotischen Archiv)


Rock-Pop-History – with Alexis Korner

We proudly present:

Mr. Alexis Korner

Hello Alexis, will you tell us your Musical History?

Yes, it`s me. Alexis Korner. They call me `Father of white Blues´. I` m coming back to join you all together in music. Let´s start a session together.

My biography in short

I was born on 19. April 1928 in Paris to an Austrian Jewish  ather and a Greek mother. I spent my childhood in France, Switzerland and North Africa and arrived in London in 1940 at the start of World War II. One memory of my youth was listening to a record by black pianist Jimmy Yancey during a German air raid I said to myself:

„All I want to do now is play the blues“.

After the war, I played piano and guitar (my first guitar was built by friend and author Sydney Hopkins.

My early music history

In 1949 I joined `Chris Barbers Jazzband´ and met up with Cypril Davis (1932-1964). His passion was the American Blues. We found together and played in London Jazz Clubs. At least secured a residence at `Marquee Club´ in Wardour Street with singer Baldry and Art Wood in various times and Dick Heckstall Smith at the saxophon. After our first Album we recorded at `Decca Studios´ we brought together more fans of Blues and R&B like Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Brian Jones, Rod Steward, Paul Jones, John Mayall, Zoot Money and Jimy Page.

1961 I formed a band called `Blues incorporated´ featuring some more guys like Jack Bruce, Charly Watts, Ginger Baker, Long John Baldry, Danny Thomson, Graham Bond just don` t remember all of them. We only concentrated on playing live rather than recording and left the 2 singles `I need your loving/Please Please Please´ (1963) and `Little Baby/Roberta´ (1964), followed by `Rivers Invitation/Every day I have the Blues´ on `Fontana´ …. by the time of the group`s last album `Sky high´ (credited to Alexis Korner` s Blues Incorporated) in 1965, we included `Duffy Power´ on vocals. I dissolved my group in 1966.

Some special events I had were an interview with `Jimi Hendrix Experience´ for the BBC Radio show `Top gear´. Some of these tracks include audio by myself playing slide guitar on the Hendrix double-CD `BBC Sessions´. While touring Skandinavia i formed the band `New Church´ with guitarist and singer `Peter Thorup´. They subsequently were one oft he support bands at the `Rolling Stones Free Concert in Hyde Park London´ on 5. July 1969. At least I was jamming with `Robert Plant´ and i wondered  why he had`nt been discovered. We recorded an album and Robert asked me, to join the new `Yardbirds´, a.k.a. `Led Zeppelin´.

That was so far in short my career in the 60th. I f you like, you can read more on Wikipedia. Are the Stones still on stage? I hope, they did a good job by now.


Alexis Korner and Peter Thorup in Bremen


Alexis Korner Slideshow at Musikladen Bremen (Foto: Radio Bremen)


Alexis Korner&Snape, Musikhalle Hamburg, Novemer 1972

Foto: CC-BY-SA  Heinrich Klaffs photostream:

Klaffs Photostream

More informations on Wikipedia:

Alexis on Wikipedia



Thank you!