My dog Baxxter – my glasses

Baxxter finds everything I loose

I was going to read the newspaper this morning looking for my glasses. As usual I was looking for them but I couldn`t find them. No paper without glasses. So I fed Baxxter and had my cup of tea as usual.

After that

`Let`s have a look at the garden. It`s sunny today´. Baxxter was thrilled, as usual. But what was that?

What a surprise!!


My blue glasses, Baxxter found my glasses. He did it – only one glas is missing. Good dog!!

Next morning

Baxxter is reading the paper very early. It`s still dark.`Hold still for a foto´, I said. He did it `and lets´s share the paper´. 


German politics – with Merkel and Schulz


Schulz has decided already today. Good job Mr. Schulz!


I was looking for my red glasses but couldn`t find them. I`m sure, Baxx will find them for me. So I had my tea as usual watching the birds in the garden.


 Little album for downloaders in high quality