My Fotoalbums – at Google+&Onedrive

With this article I posted my older Fotoalbums at Google+

Because Google+ is no longer available for this service, my photo albums are gone.

Only these albums are still available on onedrive

The bright side of the sky:


Power your life with Flower Power:

Flower pops power 19


Rosegarden WHV


Not available any more:

Flower Pops Power

Smell the Power of flowers

Old Cars have faces:

Old Cars Faces&more

The bright side of USA – New York Impressions:

New York&New York

The bright side of USA – Las Vegas Impressions:

Las Vegas&Las Vegas

 The bright side of USA – Los Angeles Impressions:

Los Angeles&Los Angeles

It` s time to go! Let`s go to:

Suny Beach Impressions


In addition

Have a good daydream with music on my blog – you have the choice 😉

Listen and move:

Music history on my Blog