Fun with Paul McCartney – and more underground

Paul McCartney – für FUN zu haben

Der ehemalige Bassist der Beatles `Sir´ Paul McCartey ist mit seinen 76 Lebensjahren noch sehr aktiv. Was an seinem Spielstil auffällt ist, dass er die Gitarre auf der rechten Seite abgreift, was nur sehr wenige Musiker tun. Wie ist er zur Musik gekommen? Was waren seine ersten musikalischen Einflüsse, als er mit John Lennon eine Schülerband gründete?

The former bassist of The Beatles `Sir ´ Paul McCartey is still very active with his 76 years of life. It is quite special about his playing style that he picks up the guitar on the right hand side, which very few musicians do. How did he come to music? What were his first musical influences when he started a student band with John Lennon? 

Paul erinnert sich – Paul’s memories

Fun with Paul and Jimmy Fallon

Christina Aguilera Busks in the subway

Have fun with music!


My special event pt. 2 – at Hellpower OL

Oldie meets Metal pt. 2

The rest of my short videosclips (not yet edited) taken from the side of the stage so you won`t hear only very little of the singing. In the 2nd part I had to stream down the videos to get them uploaded to my Blog. But it`s just an impression…

Here we go with the 2nd Band on stage


Last but not least:

HERB from Germany

Another gig by HERB

I Hope you enjoyed my `Live-Mucke´ as we say in Germany.