Kurt Cobain with Nirvana – Unplugged

For all music lovers I have created a new category on my Blog called `Unplugged´.

It is (so to say) a reminder of all great musicians who have gave concerts unplugged. As you know unplugged is without big amplifiers on stage, just presented in the natural sound of instruments, only powered by microphones.

Where did you sleep last night

The Classic live unplugged concert ist that by Kurt Cobain with Nirvana and his song `Where did you sleep last night´. So, let`s watch the following video of this concert. Kurt seems to be quite nervous, before he starts, first must have another cigarette. The audience put him under pressure. Al least Kurt decided:  I do it. I intentionally don`t mention, that Kurt has died long time ago. Because with this song he is still alive and will never die. And we are with him.


Foto: Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

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