Working by hand pt.1 – Washday

The housewife`s job in times past

She had to cook, keep the apartment clean, clean up, keep everything in order, do laundry, strengthen laundry, ironing without electr. iron etc.pp, she had to maintain the garden, harvest potatoes and vegetables in the garden, create a stockpile of this (income) and last but not least, the housewife was responsible for the care and education of her children.

What didn`t exist in this time

There was no dishwasher, no fully automatic washing machine, a cooker with ceramic hob, no electrical appliances to the mix and cutting, no shower with all the no-frills and the refrigerator was not taken for granted. No special vitamin pills or drugs. And there was no car and no supermarket.

Take the initiative lend a hand – come in the move

14 of my selfcreated t-shirts with my own fotos had a handwash yesterday. The automatic washing machine doesn`t get the colar tops clean. That can be done better by manual work.

Ok, here we are with some fotos. Let`s get in the move:


Here you can see my bathtub with my t-shirts. There is an old washboard –  also used as music instrument –  and I forgot the name of the other instrument, which is supposed to wash (works quite well)



Only use `Neutralseife´ and `Gallseife´ for special spots


This is an old spin-drier  I use. It`s ever so fast. In sommer my shirts a nearly dry after using this appliance



Nearly dry…


Dry the washing on the clothesline instead of using a electric tumble drier. That saves lot of electricity. I already put the shirts on a clothes-horse inside, because they were deep frozen 

My special device:



It`s slightly fragile, easily and compactly built with resource-friendly operation: perhaps such ball washing machine for households with little space was intended for the country or for „Boy Ellen households“.

By the way, according to studies –  as much time for cleaning and laundry care is applied in today’s fully engineered homes as in the times of the washboard  despite „One-button operation“. Follow the link:

Thing of Dec. 2015

Learning by doing

Esp. our kids will enjoy learning washing by hand. We should involve them in this procedure and they will learn with joy.