Jimi Hendrix – his death 1970

In commemoration of Jimi Hendrix

Yesterday we had September 18th, the day he died in 1970.

A tribute to Jimi Hendrix


Jimi was born in the same year as Paul McCartney. He had a steep career, which unfortunately ended too soon. Have a short look at some wonderful b&w-fotos (link):

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The beginning with Hey Joe

More Infos on the Blog (link):

Jimis Birthday article

His music was unique – achieved by no one else.


A tribute to Jimi Hendrix – on his birthday

Jimi wurde heute am 27.11.1942 als John Allen Hendrix in Seattle (USA) geboren und verstarb am 18. September 1970 in London.

Jimi Hendrix was the first guitarist to use the latest technical possibilities for his Stratocaster experimentally. Very early on, he dealt with the possibilities of sound engineering in New York. At the same time Marshall came on the market with a new 100 watt amplifier and corresponding boxes. A special challenge for Jimi to play not only one but several boxes and to strengthen the sound through other technical equipment. The sound elements that Jimi used to reach the border on his strato were created. Jimi himself was not so enthusiastic about his voice, but eventually it turned out that everything fit. So far in a nutshell from me. Much more knows Wikipedia (follow the link at the end of this article).

Jimi Hendrix war der erste Gitarrist, der die neusten technischen Möglichkeiten für seine Stratocaster experimentell nutzte. Schon sehr früh hat er sich in New York mit den Möglichkeiten der Tontechnik auseinandergesetzt. Gleichzeitig kam Marshall mit einem neuen 100 Watt Verstärker und entsprechenden Boxen auf den Markt. Eine besondere Herausforderung für Jimi, nicht nur eine, sondern gleich mehrere Boxen zu bespielen und den Sound durch anderes technisches Equipment noch zu verstärken. Dabei entstanden Soundelemente, die Jimi auf seiner Strato bis zur Grenze ausreizte. Von seiner Stimme war Jimi selbst wohl nicht so begeistert, aber schließlich stellte sich heraus, dass alles passte. Soweit in aller Kürze von mir. Viel mehr weiß natürlich Wikipedia (follow the link at the end of this article).

„You can call Jimi Hendrix whatever you like, but he was a bluesmaster. That`s what he was. A hell of a bluesman“ (Billy Cox).

Jimi close – 12 String Blues:

Hey Joe – this time this version:

Voodoo Chile Blues (1969 in London):

Hear My Train a Coming (live in the Royal Albert Hall 1969):

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