SOLAR POWER – international

Solar energy is the `power of  lifestyle´ all around  the world

The sun spends energy for our earth. Enough enrgy to keep us warm and let the plants grow, which we need for food and healthy.

There is much more we can do with solar energy.

We can f.e. cook our food in the sun without any elektric power or open fire.


Too much light reflecting…

Foto: Solarkocher Premium 14 , Stephan Zech, Sun and Ice GmbH 2008

We can cool down our brain in the sunshine

Solar Cap

Foto: Monday‎, ‎4‎. ‎April‎ ‎2016 ‎13‎:‎54 (German time) in my garden (North Germany)

We can let the moon shine at night in our garden

Solar moon_2

14:25 h (German time) in my garden

Solar moon 2255

Foto 22:55 h (German time) in my garden

later on..

There are so many ways to use solar energy..

With this I`ve started my new series about solar energy to give you motivation and inspiration in using solar energy. All my following fotos  about solar energy will be posted in another fotoalbum online. The link will be posted later.

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Power your life with solar energy.

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Ich schreibe meine Artikel auch in Englisch, weil ich in Deutschland weniger Leser finde. Dafür benutze ich immer den bing-Übersetzer, wenn ich mit meinem Englisch nicht weiterkomme und habe damit mein Englischlernen selbst in die Hand genommen. Es ist einfach nur einfach genial:

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