Senri Kawaguchi – my fav young drummer

Senry Kawaguchi

Senry is a exceptonally highly talented young drummer. Her solo appearances speak for themself. She masters her techniques and not the other way around. She’s been playing free and absolutely professional.

I would like to introduce Senry with a rather little-watched video. If you are interested in Jazz and Rock, listen to the following play.

Titelfoto übernommen aus Artikel von  Janine Bodelier. Für urheberrechtliche Ansprüche übernehme ich keine Haftung. Das Bild kann hier jederzeit entfernt werden.

Jazz-Rock of the finest:

 Janine Bodelier wrote a article about Senry. There you find more videos with solo parts by her. Read and listen to Senry and her drumset:

Die Beste oder was?