CeramicSpeed DrivEn – Bike without chain


The bicycle is a major factor in relieving our cities from dirty and noisy car traffic. In this respect there are many innovations in bicycle development, especially for use as load carriers. Our cities are now stepping up their efforts to improve the transport network for cyclists, since many citizens also want to reach their jobs safely by bicycle.

Chainless Bike innovation

The chainless bike was presented at the bicycle fair in Friedrichshaven. A special highlight for the visitors. The drive works with a cardan shaft. 21 ball bearings made of ceramic are in interaction with the cardan shaft for the transmission of power, a chain is completely absent.

The advantages of this drive

  • 99% effective power transmission
  • 49% less friction compared to the chain drive
  • no chain available
  • no lubrication required
  • standard frame dimensions possible

Have a look at this video

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