Baxxter my dog – Pictures&History

The dog was the first animal friend of humans and he still is the best. But nobody knows the first humans getting in contact to dogs.

In Short:

The dog was the first man’s partner and was lured by the fire. There were leftovers to be eaten (esp. hard bones) after the man had recovered from the hunt and was begging to rest. He had finally passed about 30km walk. This was revealed by closer investigations oft he `Ötzi´, who lived at this time. However, after all man and dog finally became friends and the dog guarded the fire after the man went to rest and sleep.

I started the whole story between man and dog once under the heading  Science ´. And this has been waiting 3 years for a continuation. 

Let me to introduce my best friend and dog Baxxter. He speaks all the languages of the world.

Here we are with Mr. Baxxter (short form Baxx) lazing on the lawn.

Come on Baxx, please give short comments to the fotos we have taken.


My name is Baxxter and I`m a dog. I like to relax and wait for anything happens.


When I was young I was quite small. I still like When I was young by  Eric Burdon and The Animals. I`m an animal too and he`s a human. Listen what Eric tells about his young life. Here the link:

Eric Burdon YOUNG


One year old I started to do crazy jokes. This was my favorite shoe of PJP.


3 years old I started a model career. My friend PJP is taking fotos of me and sometimes he wants me to do things I don`t understand.  PJP is a nice friend but sometimes doing crazy things with me. But this is not MY problem.


(Enjoy the moment)

Make your own ideas about this sign. PJP said that this was what I taught him and he likes it.


(My dog is smarter than me)

With the time PJP has accepted that I‚m smarter respectively wiser than he will ever be.


(My dog is smarter than you)

This also applies to you. Any problem?


I´m 4 now and had a wonderful party with my schoolfriends. Look at the dice. My favorite present.


I always tried to get the highest score 6 before eating the whole thing. I don`t raelly need it.


After I left school PJP appointed me to the LordMayor of Loy. I will do my very best.


After that I got a new collar made of  leather. I was so happy about that.


During the hot summer they told me – as Mayer of Loy –  I had to wear a hat in the sun.


I didn`t want to walk around with a hat every day and wear it only  on Sundays now.


Sometimes I`m doing a job at my Cafe as a bouncer for some cake. Easy job.


I like digging in sand and then have a beer because digging makes me very thirsty.


I‚m controlling the forest in Loy. This is a part of my office to look out that everything is alright.


For controlling the fields I have to run a lot. But no problem for a hunter.


After my job in very cold winterdays I‚m earlier closing time and go to sleep. 

Thank you Baxx for this little report about your life. At least let me ask you a question:

What do you think about the crazy humans f.e. like Donald Trump?

Another question: Why don`t you have any interest in chasing mice?

001_Baxx_Maus no interest

…..though they eat all the food you prefer?



Sorry dear readers. Baxx didn`t give me an answer. He must think it over.

Baxter in video looking for ..?…

What are you looking for? Do you smell anything?

He gave up with the time and didn`t find anything.

Baxxter loves children.

Why? Because they always take contact on him very friendly.

He likes friendly people who DO like him and he`s got many friends international. Will you show us some of your best friends, Baxx?


This is Ahed. He is from Gaza. For Baxxter always a graet pleasure to meet him!

Ahed had to go back to Gaza to his family. Hope he`s doing well!


This is Jessica. She`s from Spain. Baxxter is in love with her!


This is Johanna on the right and Yvonne pupils from KGS Rastede. Baxx enjoys the meeting!!


Baxxter likes to `fight´ smaller dogs. This is Bounty….. they fought it out!


Baxx: `This is Marlen, she is in love with me!!´


Baxxter finds everything I loose. Before reading the newspaper I was looking for my glases. I couldn`t find but Baxxter did it. Only one glas is missing yet. Good dog!!!

To be continued…

In addition:

Baxxter will be advised by Tomcat Henry. Henry is very clever in lifestyle. Here the link to Henry Life Counseling:

Henrys Life Counseling