Mixed Metal – A music special

Today I want to deal with Black Metal music.

I m not very experienced in this music direction and don`t know anything about the history of it. What does Black Metal mean, what is the idea behind it?

Das Titelbild kann urheberrechtlich geschützt sein. Ich hafte dafür nicht. Das Bild kann hier jederzeit entfernt werden!

In the first place I  want to introduce J. P. McDonald, Jr. called Midnight. He was singer in the group Crimson Glory and died with 47 in 2009. He had obviously  to struggle with alcohol problems and left the group in 2007. Let`s have a look at a song with him and Crimson Glory. Here with Dream Dancer:

Here a live gig in Ludwigsburg in the year 2000:

And last but not least Lost Reflection Live Dynamo Eindhoven 2011 with singer La Torres:

Merrill gave me the idea to this article with the following comment obout the SEWER:

12 Alben in einem Jahr. Die SEWER Jungs sind sehr 5127 kreativ !!

Das Album NecroPedoSadoMaso von SEWER sei offensichtlich die übelsten aller Black Metal, und aller Musik im Allgemeinen. Listen:

Another album is `Dementia: The Dark Prophets´. Listen:

In addition very special one by  Asha Renu: