The forgotten crises of the world – by Susanne Stocker

Susanne Stocker – Editor United Internet for UNICEF

Already `by small´ on a bookworm and fan of the written word Susanne`s career in the writing guild was set. After internships at newspapers and radio, she decided for a study of European Ethnology, philology and history in Munich and Santiago de Compostela. A volunteer at a PR agency with focus followed, other stations in television on sport and sustainability. There she became after her training a specialist for socially and environmentally active companies. Her decision to take over all editorial responsibilities around the Foundation of United Internet for UNICEF was only logical. In her spare time her nose still like books, climbing on the wall or she`s traveling to discover other cultures.


Her articles in realation to the forgotten crises of the world:



 A cruel civil war raging in Syren Since 2011. But also many forgotten crises shake the civilian population around the world.

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