Alles Wetter – Bauern regeln

Bauernregeln – wer`s glaubt oder nicht

Die Bauern bilden seit Urzeiten die Grundlage unserer Ernährung. Daher der Begriff der Grundnahrungsmittel, die uns die Natur zur Verfügung stellt. Der Ernteertrag auf Äckern und Feldern ist aber ganz wesentlich vom Wetter abhängig. Da es in früheren Zeiten aber keinen Wetterbericht gab, waren die Bauern darauf angewiesen, das Wetter selbst vorauszusagen. Über Jahrhunderte haben sich daraus Erfahrungswerte abgeleitet, die Bauernregeln. Diese Regeln sind zumindest in der regionalen Vorhersage kurzfristig sicherer als der Wetterbericht, der das Wetter nur global vorhersagen kann. 

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Meine These:

Ein erfahrener Bauer kann uns das Wetter regional besser voraussagen, als der Wetterbericht.

Wetterbericht – do it yourself

Dazu habe ich heute von msn folgende Bilder mit Erklärung und wissenschaftlicher Beurteilung erhalten, die durch viele andere Wettererscheinungen zu ergänzen wären. Also, worauf warten wir noch (follow the link):

Wetter – do it yourself

Wer darüber hinaus noch weitere Wetterregeln aus seiner Region kennt… hinterlasse einen Kommentar!!



Middle Ages Spectaculum 2017 – in Rastede

Middle Ages

In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages or Medieval Period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Middle Ages is the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the modern period. The medieval period is itself subdivided into the Early, High, and Late Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages Spectaculum (MPS)

Medieval Fantasy Spectaculum ® is a series of events, invented and conceived by Gisbert Hiller, which was first performed in the summer of 1994.
With up to 3000 contributors, the MPs is the largest middle-aged fesival in the world and has been moving through the country since 1994. In 2017 there will be 23 events at 21 places.

Lifestyle in the Middle Ages – Foto Impressions


My special event pt. 2 – at Hellpower OL

Oldie meets Metal pt. 2

The rest of my short videosclips (not yet edited) taken from the side of the stage so you won`t hear only very little of the singing. In the 2nd part I had to stream down the videos to get them uploaded to my Blog. But it`s just an impression…

Here we go with the 2nd Band on stage


Last but not least:

HERB from Germany

Another gig by HERB

I Hope you enjoyed my `Live-Mucke´ as we say in Germany.


My special event – at Hellpower Oldenburg

Oldie meets Metal

As you must know I`m an `Old Hippie´. But will never loose contact to the younger scene of music. So I decided to visit a little Rock-Metal concert. My friend Superberni was playing the drums in the last band on stage. I took some short videosclips (not yet edited) taken from the side of the stage so you won`t hear only very little of the singing.

Here we go with the Dahmers from Sweden

Another gig by The Dahmers

On May 28th The Dahmers have a date in London.

Aktually I can`t upload more videoclips.

But there are following two more bands



HERB from Germany

in my next post.


Senri Kawaguchi – my fav young drummer

Senry Kawaguchi

Senry is a exceptonally highly talented young drummer. Her solo appearances speak for themself. She masters her techniques and not the other way around. She’s been playing free and absolutely professional.

I would like to introduce Senry with a rather little-watched video. If you are interested in Jazz and Rock, listen to the following play.

Titelfoto übernommen aus Artikel von  Janine Bodelier. Für urheberrechtliche Ansprüche übernehme ich keine Haftung. Das Bild kann hier jederzeit entfernt werden.

Jazz-Rock of the finest:

 Janine Bodelier wrote a article about Senry. There you find more videos with solo parts by her. Read and listen to Senry and her drumset:

Die Beste oder was?


ANCIENT WISDOM pt.2 – it`s your life

Hey Mr. wope found out an gave a comment:

A man named Robert Cardinaux has transalted the old poem 

Hab Sonne…


But who was Cäsar Flaischlen?

Here we are:


©Von vermutlich Alexander Binder (1888-1929) –

Cäsar Flaischlen was born in 1864 in Stuttgart and died in 1920 in a Sanatorium. He was a well-known lyricist and dialect poet at the beginning of the twentieth century. The poem can also be sung according to the melody of the song:

Der Mai ist gekommen…(May has come…)

But first the translation of `Hab Sonne..´

With sunshine in your heart…

With sunshine in your heart,
Whether it storm or snow,
Whether clouds fill the heavens,
The world fill with quarrels …
With sunshine in your heart,
Then come what may:
Light will shine forth
From the darkest of days!

With a song on your lips
And a cheerful tone
If the workaday rush
Should worry you …
With a song on your lips,
Then come what may:
Help will find its way to you
On the loneliest of days!

With a word for others
In anguish and sorrow,
Say to him what left you
In such good cheer:
With a song on your lips,
Never lose courage,
With sunshine in your heart,
All will be fine!

Translated by Robert Cardinaux


I assume no liability for the © of this photo it can be removed here any time

R. Cardinaux, Age 69, Lives in Amhest MA, Used to live in Dayton OH

I have to set a CUT here, because we will go on with the wonderful song:

Der Mai ist gekommen… My has come…


I will sing the song for you and have to practice….

In addition

It`s my life….

by The Animals: