I like – Birds and Horses with consequences

I had a meeting with a horse

and that was not without consequences! The horse came from Poland and was only snappy what I did not know. After a smalltalk in German it got my fingers caught and bit tight. It was hard to get my fingers free again. Maybe the horse has had bad experiences with people and may even have been mistreated in Poland. This was an important experience for me because I met many horses. The bloody crushing of esp. my index finger I treated myself with ice cold Ouzo outside and inside and hope that it is soon healed (private to prove fotos at the end).

Conclusion (Fazit)

Trust is good, control is better

In this context, I would like to recall an old acquaintance of mine.

Tamme Hanken the XXL Ostfriese:

I like Birds and Horses

Do you know the difference between a bird and a horse? The horse can not fly because it has no feathers. (It also burns longer – with English humor)

I like birds – with Eels

Also live at Royal Albert Hall London

In addition

1-at home 2018_6

It`s nearly 5 o`clock pm. Teatime! Btw: Can you translate the verb to birdsn into German? 🙂 Tomorrow is another day! 

5 Kommentare zu “I like – Birds and Horses with consequences

  1. Guten Mittag 🙂,
    Dein Finger scheint ja wieder verheilt zu sein 😉 , dafür hat mich jetzt ein Hengst “ gebissen“ .
    Mal sehn , ob da nochmal verheilen tut ?!

    Ich hoffe , Deinen Knochen geht es soweit gut ? Mach jetzt “ Siesta“ ( powernap). ….kann ich nur empfehlen , wenn man immer schon früh “ auf den Beinen ist “ .
    Außerdem muß man in der Zeit kein “ hollow talk “ 😉 machen , ach ja gääähn …..

    LG. schönen Wochenteiler noch !!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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