I`m the little red rooster – too lazy…

Good morning my little red rooster

001_red rooster

News of the day


Thank you Baxxter!

Walk on the wild side











Back to the roots with Blues

„“Little Red Rooster“ (or „The Red Rooster“ as it was first titled) is a blues standard credited to arranger and songwriter Willie Dixon. The song was first recorded in 1961 by American blues musician Howlin‘ Wolf in the Chicago blues style.

The Rolling Stones were among the first British rock groups to record modern electric blues songs. In 1964, they recorded „Little Red Rooster“ with original member Brian Jones, a key player in the recording“ (Wikipedia).


13 Kommentare zu “I`m the little red rooster – too lazy…

    • Manchmal erwischt er mich – immer wieder – der Blues.
      Und ehe ich mich meinen eigenen hier vorzutragen traue – wenn überhaupt – nehme ich Little Red Rooster, das ich auch gern spiele satt und lang. Die Fotovideo-Möglichkeiten hab ich durch Zufall entdeckt.
      Jürgen aus Loy (PJP)
      Zugabe von 1964:

      Gefällt mir

      • Der text war aber schon mal schön, schreib doch den noch mal hin, bitte !! Und die noten dazu , dann kann man ihn mal versuchen nach zu spielen bzw. singen ?

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  1. I like best baxxter with the newspaper in its ( or his?) mouth , he has such faithful eyes !!
    And the little hedgehog is lovely too, hope baxxter didn’t hurt himself when he tried to get him….animals are really funny and its a pleasure to spent time with them.
    Very relaxing in combination with nature and music and without people, except maybe a few one can stand .
    For the others we have the „bluesdrucktablet“😁.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Sorry Dear,
      I have to look up what a hedgehog and a bluesdrucktablet is.
      Baxxter is a young man like me. He`s my very best friend forever. Actually we`re sittig in the garden having breakfast.
      Thank you for your kind words!
      Regards esp. from Baxxter!
      Jürgen (PJP)

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