Ein Kommentar zu “Ancient Wisdom – it`s your life

  1. Here’s the translation, but not from me!

    With sunshine in your heart

    With sunshine in your heart,
    Whether it storm or snow,
    Whether clouds fill the heavens,
    The world fill with quarrels …
    With sunshine in your heart,
    Then come what may:
    Light will shine forth
    From the darkest of days!

    With a song on your lips
    And a cheerful tone
    If the workaday rush
    Should worry you …
    With a song on your lips,
    Then come what may:
    Help will find its way to you
    On the loneliest of days!

    With a word for others
    In anguish and sorrow,
    Say to him what left you
    In such good cheer:
    With a song on your lips,
    Never lose courage,
    With sunshine in your heart,
    All will be fine!

    Englische Übersetzung von Robert Cardinaux.


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