6 Kommentare zu “Fotoriddle No. 46

    • What grows as crazy and makes everything dead?
      Do you mean the little stick? Sorry that`s wrong.
      It looks like a cock and it grows to bring new life into extistence. This is part of sex education at primary school.
      If you mean wild wine or ivy you you are nearly right….
      Ivy or wild wine?? Decide quickly…
      Jürgen from Loy (PJP)

      Gefällt mir

    • If you mean ivy you are quite right.
      It grows as crazy as my wild wine and I forgot to cut the roots for ages…
      Will save them for more experiments, perhaps for a salad? Bring a sharp knife tonight to cut it into peaces and we will try with the beer that you won.
      I think Peter won a beer with ivy too because his solution schould also apply!
      So Peter, come along at 8pm tonight.
      See you!
      Jürgen from Loy (PJP)

      Gefällt mir

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