Eternal life – Klaus Sames in ice

Klaus Sames wants to let freeze up his body with antifreeze and nitrogen after death.

He believes in a life after death. But he wants to try this previously rather first on pig’s heart. Sames is a pioneer of cryonics in Germany. His plan looks like a bizarre science fiction movie: The Ulmer age researcher wants to freeze after his death and in a few hundred years thaw just then when deadly diseases are curable.

An opportunity for all?

„You can store everbody„, however, believes Sames. „One can stop the dying.“ He also knows that you can`t freeze a body without any damage. But he thinks in principlethe preservation of complete human organs is possible. That’s why he is going to freeze a pig’s heart on minus 130 degrees and then revive. We`ll see if it works.
It annoys him that nobody takes his science seriously. Even Karen Conrad is with him. The nurse for intensive care medicine (46) is tempting the eternal ice. „It’s funny,“ she says: „all want to live longer. „But almost no one wants to take the opportunity to live longer.“


©Stefan Puchner/dpa

After his time as physician Sames outed himself as cryonics followers. And he dreams of the „breakthrough of medical respectability“.

He is a former Gerontologist of passionate researchers. The cryonics is his surrogate religion, which gives him hope. „I‚m afraid to die, but gray death“, he says. It’s about resurrection. He wants to be called either Cryonist such as Cryoniker. „That has as the sound of a sect,“ he says. „I‚m trying to emphasize the scientific character of the project.



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