Merkel on Sundays – with vitamin C

What are you doing on Sundays?

You should`nt follow your job to get more money as you ever need. Sunday is your day, a special `holiday of he week´. Nevertheless – some people have to do their job on Sundays. People, who have to save for other people´s security and healthy f.e. doctors, policemen, bacers etc.pp

Merkel and Vitamin C

What so ever does that mean? C stands for christian in the German CDU). So, let`s look behind it.

Pope Franziskus is with Angela Merkel

Papst Francis_12

Follow this link (German text):

Papst beklagt Ausbeutung

What is the Ministerpresident of Baden Württemberg Kretschman doing today? His hobby is working by hand…


Foto: dpa

Follow this link:

Mercedes Benz

And what are you doing today?

Thank you!



Rent a room

1_Hotel Bird_1

Look at that:

bed and brackfast_2C

You´re always welcome, but actually there`s only one room left today.

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