17 Kommentare zu “Fotoriddle-Rätsel No. 36

    • I´ve never seen an air freshener with a battery.
      As an air freshener for my house I use a mix of Wodka and water in a `sprayer´ which is an air `cleaner´. I know this trick from DLF-Radio.
      This dirty (!) old thing with a battery is too old (sorry, wope…l laugh to dieing myself, as we say in German).

      Gefällt mir

    • A fluff shaver?? How should you shave `fluff´ with that thing?
      Perhaps you mean a shaver for women, a Ladyshaver? What for do I need a Ladyshaver?
      I`ve got a shaver for my little beard, which isn`t `fluffy´ at all. And my shaver doesn`t look like this dirty old thing at all.

      Gefällt mir

    • What so ever is a `Bleistift´ and `anspitzer´? 🙂
      I don`t have an electric pencilscharpener. But that was actually the best idea for my riddle.
      OK, I give you another tip:
      There is a Little speaker in it…
      All the best
      BTW: Did you read my article about the hackers, who are trying to get on my PC?

      Gefällt mir

  1. Jo, I’ve read. We are never more secure from hackers!

    A strange cylinder with a switch on it, can be only a radio. The forerunner of the Internet radio…
    We see us.

    Greeting, wope

    Gefällt mir

    • Hurray,
      is that the right way to write this marvelous word?
      It really is a loudspeaker mashine for the telefon. I think people should use it for their handys today.
      You have to put it near your telefon, switch it on and you can hear everything, from on the other line.
      But it`s not so good to get it in the right position, while driving your car or bicycle..?..might be dangerous.
      So – handle with care while driving!
      Congratualatins, you won another bear with a little snaps to warm up your stomach.
      See you then.?..

      Gefällt mir

    • Actaully my little telefon amplifier is not available for me, because the ESA contacted me.
      They want to test it for their next mission to the moon of a planet (forgot the name of which planet).
      Ok, don`t tell anybody, it`s top secret.
      I gave it to Esa because the NASA has too many outstanding debts. They could`nt transfer enough money.
      I hope nobody can hear us!!!

      Gefällt mir

    • OK, may be you`ve had too much of that Brown Special Bitter snaps.
      Nevertheless, I gave you an answer to your idea and it is online by now….
      So – don`t Forget to Keep it just for you, don`t tell anybody!! TOP SECRET!!!
      Can you please confirm this message???
      P.S. Die ganze Sache in Brüssel müssen wir uns nicht noch einmal im Fernsehn angucken. Nur Mitgefühl für die Verletzten, die Toten und den deren Angehörigen ist gefragt. Außerdem müssen wir jetzt vorwärts denken, denn Rückwärts reicht`s mit Terrorismus allmählich. Ich will versuchen, das noch in einem Artikel zusammenzufassen. Hoffentlich vorläufig mein letzter in Sachen Politik. Aber wir schaffen das auch noch!!!

      Gefällt mir

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