Max Herre – Going to fly?

English readers!

I didn´t post any more articles in English, because there are – so to say (sozusagen) – some problems with the refugees in Europe. This is a rael Drama, because there also are some fucking people, who have never heard something about Human rights and love. They just hate and burn down houses etc.pp…. let´s forget it for while.

Zum Titelfoto: (Max-Herre-Autor-Tobias-Klenze) Das Foto kann urheberrechtlich geschützt sein. Für die Verwendung übernehme ich keine Haftung. Das Foto kann hier bei Einwänden sofort entfernt werden.

Today I try to make it better esp. for you and you of course your friends, your family, not to forget your dog. So let`s go, take off and fly with

Max Herre

Version 1 live

Max Herre with fans

Version 2 live on stage in Dresden

Max Herre in Dresden

Version 3 Studioversion with video

Studioversion Video

Now, you have to listen, to dance and at last …. decide, which version you prefer or do like most. Please post the number or give a little comment!!! 

If there is a problem in translating texts from any langauge to another one I give you a link to the bing translator, the best one for me and a great help for translating!!


I have a question to you:

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

Stella Aquino tells you what she did:

flying in the air

Thank you!


4 Kommentare zu “Max Herre – Going to fly?

    • Hi Stella,
      you`re are always welcome!!!
      Music is a `langauge worldwide´, with power and passion. It´s something like flying.
      The flower-power time of London will never die.
      It`s a great honour and event for me, that you gave me a feedback.
      My very best regards to London!!
      Btw: What are you doing tonight? There is a party at M-Club. Going to dance? 😉
      Thank you!

      Gefällt mir

    • Yes Stella,
      that`s life!
      If you have a blog with readers you`ve to care for it. I always work on my blog in the early morning.
      Today I posted another `Fotoriddle´. I do them in German and English. The next one will be a German again. Music and photographing are my favourite Hobbys. The photos in your article were phantastic.
      OK so far!
      Nice to meet you again, Stella!
      Good day, sunshine!!

      Gefällt mir

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