5 Kommentare zu “Fotoriddle No. 35

  1. Hello,
    the riddle shows an old glass syringe. A medical device.
    I habve such a thing similar found.
    look under:
    Hi Peter, these links are too Long for my blog.
    But I think you`re on the right way.
    Just tell me:
    What is this instrument for? Do you use it in the household or …?…


    • Peter you Lump,
      how do you know, that i let my ears clean inside, with warm water. This Instrument is history alraedy, but it`s the very best one for ear cleaning!!!
      It`s such a wonderful feeling to hear, what all the people are talking about me….
      remember … I can hear every word!!
      So never talk bad things about me… otherwise.. just a warning!
      You are the winner again. Congratulations!!!! I` ll fill up my fridge for you!


  2. Good morning Jürgen,
    I have waited long enough with the solution.
    Anyone could also have found it out.
    How much beer must I drink then up to the present day?
    Greeting from Peter


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