Healthy Diet – WHOLE-GRAINS

Is food based on `Whole grains´ healthy?

To answer this question, we would have to look at a whole grain. These grains are abundantly contained in good German `Schwarzbrot´.

What are Dietary Additions?

Dietary Additions are additional healthy ingredients of our food. They are mainly contained in fruits and vegetables – also including `alkaline mineral citrate´, which ensures a better fat loss (Calium -, magnesium – and calcium citrate). (- article `Intake of salts´ will follow -).

`Whole grain food´ as a dietary addition?

`Whole grain food´ is a staple food. It is known as fiber, to clean the intestine and help us with digestion. But, what about the ingredients that are contained in the grain? Can all of them reach the bloodstream to supply our body with it? Can the intestinal as to say `crack this nut´? You should ask this question yourself. Just take a grain `under the microscope´ and look at it thoroughly.


`Whole grain food´ is a fiber. Dietary fibers have to promote the digestion. But: Who mainly eats grains, should consider the following: Whole grains are many calories. They are detracting plenty of water. Whole grain contains dietary fiber the intestines cannot split, to supply the body with energy. Many whole grain products contain no or little whole grain. To make them visually look like whole grain, they are treated with additives that contain much sugar.

A so called `Whole grain product´ from Sweden

Once again I note that this article is not a `promotional event´. It is an independent advertising by myself, with income just for you. Under this category I will publish further more articles which are based on my personal experience.

The Sesame crispbread belongs to my favorits. The sesame seeds has been enriched with sea salt. As a good example I show you the detailed description of this product. I have copied the photos from the package (copy by PJP).

Packaging design front:


Infos on package backside


Infos in (sorry) German



Now – you might ask yourself: Why the enlargements of the product description? The purchase is that I want you to read the `small prints´ of foodstuff products and in particuar medicinal preperations, because behind it there might be hidden important informations about the ingredients of the product.

Thank you!


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