CUT UP – the special kind

Cut Up – the special Kind

The political engagement of the EU as regards the refugee policy is tantamount to a cut up. Everyone is talking about the same thing, everyone understands it differently. Fear of terrorism is in the background.

What does a CUT UP mean?

A CUT UP has something to do with the so-called synchronicities (see my article). But how can you understand a CUT UP now. This can be explained (metaphorically) only by an example: Imagine, you would cut a photo into pieces. Then you made a CUT (to cut). If you want to put together this photo now again, this is like a puzzle. Now, leave the `puzzle pieces´ very disordered. If so, consider the confusion, the picture is a CUT UP. If you want to put the pieces together again, you have a problem.

 CUT UP in art

CUT UPS can be found in the literature as well as in art. To do this, I want to show an example. The first is a work of the Oldenburg painter SZ (as a photo of course :-)). The second is a CUT UP from my collection.

cut up RZ

Titelfoto etc

If you put all the pieces together, you will know what`s behind it.

Thank you!




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