Leslie Jamison – EMPATHY

What is `Achtsamkeit´ in English? `attentiveness´, `awareness´, `mindfulness´? I haven`t found an adequate translation. I opt for `mindfulness´.

When we hear `Achtsamkeit´ in Germany, many may have a problem with that word.

They might think: ‚Again and again this esoteric stuff ´ or `how should I learn this concentration exercise for all the stress I have, I want to have my peace´….Btw… as the German singer Roger Cicero said „Daß wir im Hier und Jetzt sein sollen, steht auf jeder Litfaßsäule…“ when he gave his impression to Eckhart Tolles current book `Jetzt´. But Eckhart Tolle had taught him how to do it, how to receive the `Hier und Jetzt´, Cicero added. We must not forget the famous Eckhart Tolle in this Forum.

 But…actually, what is mindfulness?

The second critical remark gives rise to thought. Mindfulness has something to do with concentration? Let`s follow this question.

Originally, mindfulness means that you pay attention to yourself. You could also say `my mindfulness looks out for me´. This is similar to the dreams, they watch on us. Nightmares included. Alexa Szeli has funded this connection in her article about dreaming (http://www.taste-of-power.de/deine-traeume/). If we are careless, we risk E.g. to be run over by a car or to fall for an insurance fraud.

Cats have a unique form of mindfulness. Have you ever thought about why cats can catch mice so well even though the mice are lightning fast and can climb on walls if they escape a danger. How can the cat still do that? – She`s working strategically, very smart and that can be explained only by an example:

The cat discovered a mouse on the lawn. Because she can see better than we humans, it is very fast with the mouse and wants to catch it. The mouse is faster and disappears into her hole. The cat relaxes first and lay down before the mouse hole. The mouse never comes out, because the cat infront of the mousehole. After 3-4 hours the cat has caught her prey, the missing mouse, and distorts it. You want to know how the cat did it, how the cat worked it out?

Anything she did, nothing but rest. She has not even moved about 4 hours long. 4 hours she has looked on the hole. 4 hours increased mindfulness with full awareness. Did the cat work hard on it? Did she have any stress? No, on the contrary, she has consistently maintained her position, not moving. You could also say she has `rested with mindfulness in herself´. Can one learn mindfulness, perhaps from the cat, or in practice? It’s worth a try.

Put yourself in the position of the cat (figuratively speaking) and find a hole, take care of it and stay in this position just for 15 minutes. You will be surprised what you suddenly all perceive. Take notice o fit. I would like to leave this little exercise. But you will perceive more in this increased vigilance – as you imagined. And that’s what means mindfulness, it`s the warness of your mindfulness Why? We perceive more in a relaxed higher level of consciousness! And you can practice this.


Mindfulness is a higher form of consciousness. Who stays in this increased level of consciousness, rests in himself. We are connected through mindfulness. Mindfulness can be improved through exercises.

How are we through our mindfulness – more or less – connected? We note other people and they note us. We take each other into account, we make us even. We watch other people. We see how the refugees from Syria are humiliated and mistreated…

If you now imagine those pictures, you realize that your feelings come into it, if you imagine the suffering of these people, their pain and feelings, `feel with them´. But people feel very different. The one says: `just off it in the oven ´. The others, however, can hardly stand this suffering of these people.

It is a matter of `empathy ability´. We know that terrorists lost it completely. They are no longer reachable as well we are for them. Nowadays many `young people´ are in danger to get  emotionally blunt of  their feelings through many terrible images in the media. That is why it is so important that our children are trained as early as possible in the emphatic sense, because finally, empathy is an essential part of our cultural life.

On the other side there are so-called moments of happiness, such as joy, laugh, success etc.pp. This applies as well to recreate it. The love of people, sexual pleasure, humor and much more, the joke, a good example, because we even laugh together.

Leslie Jamison is a woman who is gifted with high level of attention. She has dealt intensively with the issue of empathy. She is working on questions like:

Can you learn empathy?

How do I learn empathy?

Can you turn off empathy?

What are the limits for empathy?

Let`s do it with Leslie Jamison. Let`s deal with our empathy. Let’s talk about our empathy.

I`m with Leslie with this comment:

`Empathy is the most wonderful experience in life. The more empathy the more sense.´

Thank you!

Pete J. Probe

In addition


The cat isn`t impressed by anything

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    • Hey Happiness,
      I have your lovely foto with your lovely tail-friends not only online because I always feel better when I look at it.
      It has e very special charisma for me.
      Thank you and just stay the way you are!!
      Jürgen from Loy (PJP) with kind regards from Baxxter (just lazing around at my side, waiting for a new adveture, actually winter has come back)

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      • you are very kind, Jürgen 🙂

        btw – I see you have a translator on your site – why not switch it out with google translate widget? works much better (doesn’t take reader to different site, etc) & is free & easy to install…

        Gefällt mir

      • Good morning from here,
        yes `happyness´, but I have never tried to install this automatic programm because I didn`t know how to manage it.
        But you are right I should do it by now.
        Baxxter has had his breakfast…..and this morning I have to see my dentist (with toothache).
        See you later then.
        Jürgen from Loy
        P.S. I plan to write another (part. 2) about empathy and awareness…with many advices from Baxxter 🙂

        Gefällt 1 Person

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