Have you ‚ actually ´ ever asked yourself whether you are still right in the head?

‚ Actually ´ is to say whether it is a reply to this question in your own. Have you E.g. wondered whether you still live the right way? Have you forgotten the right way of living?

I want to find an answer to this question by the so-called ‚ housewife ´ living in the past.

The term housewife comes from ‚run old times ´ as the domestic work of women were, while ‚the men ´ were at work. Clear separation!

I refer now to the housewife of earlier times.

She had to Cook, keep the apartment clean, clean up, keep everything in order, do laundry, strengthen laundry, ironing without Electr. Iron etc.pp, they had to maintain the garden, harvest potatoes and vegetables in your garden, create a stockpile of this (income) and last but not least, children get and the housewife was responsible also for the care and education of their children.

There was no dishwasher, no fully automatic washing machine, a cooker with ceramic hob, no electrical appliances to the mix, Eierschibbeln and cutting, no shower with all the no-frills and the refrigerator was not taken for granted. No special vitamin pills or drugs.

How are the housewives with this mammoth task actually coped? How did they get it all with deprivation for a modern kitchen and the other electrical appliances? Why were they even without the much-invoked ‚ Smoothys ´ fit as a fiddle, needed no special advice and were mentally most stable and happy with yourself? The expression ‚ STRESS ´ knew her fortunately not!

So long…., they have it easyly `taken in Hand´, as saying goes. Trespass was then pure craft, such as the ‚ craft of women ´:

  • Dish wash
  • Laundry (hand wash)
  • Kitchen brush with only Atta
  • Dust MOP with only one (!) Duster
  • Washing Windows
  • Furnace heating, briquettes or peat pick up
  • Fuel may also still kitchen stove
  • Making food, cut, Snip Peel (handmade)

A positive turn in the pattern ‚ trespass ´ is nowadays however ever being penetrated. Man and woman share the whole work. In exceptional cases, the man takes over even the entire House works, the woman earned the money, what the term ‚ Hausmann ´ was created, and that is a very good thing.

Now I have some questions on it, both to the ‚ Housemen ´ as well as the housewives :

What have you done recently?

  • A bunch of dishes washed by hand?
  • T ‚ small laundry ´ washed by hand?
  • Heated oven?
  • Windows and mirrors without chem. Cleaning accessories?
  • Taken a bath?
  • Use a sense or hand lawn mower?
  • Grown or harvested vegetables in your garden?
  • Dug with a spade?
  • Cooked vegetables or fruit, etc.?

I think this list of examples is ok so far.


We should think about what products industry have made us dependent on lifestyle and thoroughly scrutinize advertising for all of the products.

We should ask ourself what `handworking´ means old times reviving (with washing off the dishes by hand you could start).

No matter what domestic work by Hand you choose, you will notice that this work is good for you and gives you fun!

Thank you very much!

Pete j Probe


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