` History of Music´ (in English)

It`s is high time that I turn again to the music. Each of us has his own `history of music‘. We have all together listened to music – more or less – made music or not, it`s all just a `Geschmackssache‘ that particularly appeals to our emotions. And just the feelings are indeed a subject that concerns me a long time (see. my articles under Category Psychology).

Music has many styles, from classical, jazz, rock, blues, soul, pop, the pop up to popular music in general. That makes the whole things quite difficult. Therefore, I choose now for the direction of `Rock Blues Soul´.

My little music history

My personal development in music began at the high school. My music teacher discovered a musical talent in me and plunged immediately into my parents‘ house. `Your son needs to play in the school orchestra. He is musically and we need him‘. So said everything happened very quickly. The instrument was a violin. Very quickly I had this instrument and received violin lessons, sitting after a few weeks later already in the school orchestra. `My God´ that all was a cruelty to me. But I persevered and even changed on the viola. The difference with the violin? The viola burns longer, because it is slightly larger, as so beautifully said. I have not come a long way on both instruments. Despite all the `cruelty´ I can`t read music fluently even today, but can guess it at most. However, we had – 3 friends and I – by the way started a band. The name I gave our band was `Crazy Crowd´. But that’s a whole other story that I do not want to run search even further here.

Who wants to deal in more detail with the basic thoughts on music, can find informations under my article `We all live with music´. By the way, do you think we can live without music? Of course we can….. but it`s not worth it.(https://4alle.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/in-short-2-2/ )

Music History currently

After this little trip back into the past we come back to the present. Well, but music has no time, it`s timeless. From the drums of shamans, the classical, rock pop music etc. today everything is available to us on recordings. Even recorded via the Internet live, in sound and vision. I have informed me in the net and finally want to get something to hear now, before you fall asleep while reading, I hurry up. So, what pieces of `rock blues soul´ direction does impress me to this day still sustainable? I would like to start with `Hey Joe´. It is the first work of this direction, combinating `soul blues rock and even jazz elements´ (listen to the drumset), with only 3 members in the band. I’m curious about, if you can hear `Hey Joe´ like I do in that way. At once I show you two presentations from `Hey Joe´. Jimis  career in Germany begun with the legendary `Beatclub in Bremen´ who recently celebrated a major anniversary in Germany. So –  now back to the 6oth.

An appearance by 1967 Jimi says: „I want to do what I do, without getting involved in issues of race and politics.“ „The longest quotation of the world“ as it refers to the `FullForceDrummer‚.

Up to date I haven`t relieved a part which is put forward with so much passion. Jimi is nearly eating his guitar ….

Jimi on stage

The second appearance, I want to show is the legendary of Woodstock from 1969 :

Jimi ’s story . We should not forget him . Unfortunately, he did not stay with us for a long time .

The ladies in the world of music classics – there are less live recordings –  I know. Nevertheless, I first start with Janis Joplin, who has indeed written a very special story. Janis is very similar to Jimi in every respect, in terms of musical style as well as the passion, which is based on completely different intuitions of a woman. With her ​​appearance in Woodstock. I ‚ve made my decision for next recording:

Janis on stage

In the women`s classics there is another lady, which gets under my skin. I have decided consciously to a much later performance of a different kind, because it is worth it. This lady has just been marketed completely different in the later years. The different way of presenting Sam`s gigs – `little more turning on the man’s world´ – does not matter in this special – luckily! In this regard the following recording is a unique one in the scene of Rock-Pop-music.

Sam on stage

To completion, the question arises how the Stars are marketed nowadays. The opportunities on the Internet are virtually limitless. For this I would like to introduce you to an extremely talented very young lady from Liverpool England. Her name is `Tabitha Jade´. With the following link I leave her to you. Note her play-talent on the guitar completely without make-up and frills on. I only can say, `that too gets under my skin´.

I’ve linked to `Tabitha Jade music´. You need to click on this illustration on `Youtube´.

Tabis music:


Special Encore

In particular, I introduce you to a man, who has created the London music history in terms of `Blues-Rock-Pop´. He has become a legend. I am quite proud, that I was able to personally meet him backstage in Germany with `Rhein-Mosel wine´ from the bottle, guitar, and singing with the whole team of the band. Alexis is a reserved modest man who has called so much into life. Those who did not know, he’s from Austria, with good knowledge of German. Had I known that before, I would`nt have had to the test my English so hard!

The Austrian (!) was a modest reserved person, but when he began reciting his incomparable blues voice and guitar, he could captivate thousands of people totally – all alone with his guitar. In 1970 at …….. on Fehmarn I met Alexis on stage as a viewer, standing in rain and  muddy ground. It was before the performance of Jimi should start. The technique failed all were waiting for Jimi. The audience was finally restless. Whistles and screams were heard, the whole atmosphere felt to me very threatening. Then a man with a guitar appeared on the stage, to recognize only very small from far distance, and sat down on a chair in front of a microphone, which he had put down before. He began in his own accompaniment on his guitar reciting a blues.

It is hard to believe. All the people in front of the stage, soaked by the rain, frustrated by waiting for Jimi, within one minute were `paralyzed´ and eventually got out of hand. They had obviously realized that it was Alexis. He played at least half an hour alone on stage. Later, when the technical problem was solved, Jimi & Band started their appearance.


Hi Alexis, here we are:


Thank you, Alexis!

Pete J. Probe

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